Advantages of membership in the Legal Tech Association
We are not only a high-profile network, but also see ourselves as a political stakeholder, and catalyst.

Legal Tech Newsletter

Our newsletter is published once a month. We report on case law, current political activities, our association work and legal tech tips. So you don’t miss any of our activities and are well informed about legal tech developments. At the end of the year, we also send out an annual review in which we summarize the successes and developments of the association and the industry.


Through your membership, you are part of the relevant network of all progressive players in the German legal market. Our members cover the entire spectrum: from law firms, publishing houses and legal protection insurers to software companies and legal tech startups. Many of the best-known experts in the digitalization of the legal market sit on our board and advisory board.


You get access to regular, exclusive events such as roundtables and internal networking events. We pick up on current movements in the market, network with the relevant experts, and discuss hot topics in a controversial way. We are constantly developing new formats. Our USP: we are a neutral platform and see it as our task to show legal tech as it really is. In our events, we also ask the unpleasant questions and follow up. Mere promotional lectures can be found elsewhere.


We give our members a stage to present themselves progressively in the market and benefit from our visibility. We put our members at the center of our social media activity and use our high-reach channels to share updates. We pool our voices to carry weight in policy decisions.

Political representation of interests

Your interests are strategically and visibly represented in the legislative process. We advocate for modern laws to promote the development of sustainable solutions for the legal market and are in constant exchange with all relevant media and other interest groups. We advocate for progressive and liberal professional and procedural law for the legal profession and contribute to the future direction of legal education. Our experts are consulted by the Bundestag and the Federal Government. A great success was our participation in the expert hearing in the legal committee of the Bundestag in May 2021, after which the legal tech law we support was passed.


In expert roundtables, internal networking events and our members’ meetings, you can actively promote the German legal tech scene. The association gives you the opportunity to participate in statements that have a high influence on political decision-making processes. In our internal Teams channel, you will also find direct access to all members and can exchange ideas on all topics related to legal tech.