We shape the digital transformation in the legal market…
We pave the way for digitization and innovation in the German legal market. The digital transformation is changing the requirements for legal services and legal service providers. To ensure the future viability and competitiveness of the German legal market, we are committed to a progressive legal market, an innovation-friendly legal framework, legal certainty, and the promotion and facilitation of investments in legal tech.

Digital Justice

The judiciary can barely keep pace with digital developments. Courts and authorities lack the necessary resources and strategies to meet the challenges of digital transformation. Complex procedures, staff shortages and mass proceedings can only be solved with appropriate digital support. Our goal is to establish simple and digital access to justice in Germany.

New Business Models

Legal tech startups have already changed the legal market. They are questioning existing processes and facilitating access to the law. To ensure the future viability and competitiveness of the German legal market, we are committed to promoting data-based, digital business models and solutions for the legal market.


Technology is the basis of all disruption. This also applies to the legal market. AI, blockchain, data analytics and co. offer exciting opportunities to change the legal market for the long term. We offer formats on these topics, such as the "Tech2Legal" expert series. We explore when, how and where technology can contribute to improving legal services, collaborative work between lawyers or access to law.


We organize exclusive internal events for our members as well as open events with a larger audience. We exchange ideas and invite the most important decision makers and legal tech pioneers. Convince yourself of our vision and our network and don't miss our next events or become a speaker:in for your legal tech topic.

Public Affairs

Innovation needs modern laws and a legal framework. That's what we stand up for. That's why we summarize our positions in statements, organize roundtables or expert discussions, and also put the topic of legal tech on the political agenda. For example, we have already been able to celebrate successes for the visibility of our topics with the adoption of the Legal Tech Act and a clear commitment to legal tech in the current coalition agreement.